What is Play x Play?

Play x Play is a podcast featuring readings of unpublished full-length plays.  The podcast will feature one play per month, splitting each play into approximately 3- 4 episodes, ideally released weekly.

Who is in it?

We are seeking full-length plays (and their playwrights), directors, and actors. Actors may be asked to voice more than one character. Because the plays are rotating, it’s unlikely we can cast the same group of actors for every play, but we are interested in developing a corps of voice actors we can return to in subsequent months.

What’s the commitment?

We record the show once a month over a single day. We read and rehearse the reading of the play for 2-3 hours (depending on length), break for lunch and then tape a recording of the entire play (2-3 hours). After that, the production team will take the audio and edit it together (with some music and sound effects) to produce and release the episodes on a weekly-ish schedule.

How much do we get paid?

We deeply value the labor and the craft of the artists who collaborate with us on this project, especially the actors and playwrights. Following in the footsteps of some great initiatives like Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Open Source Theatre model and HitRecord’s collaborative content creation model, we’re committed to A) transparency around our costs and B) equitable profit sharing with collaborators.

We plan to make this podcast revenue generating and a source of income for the artists who collaborate with us. We are fundraising through Patreon to cultivate a sustainable source of revenue to cover hard costs (web hosting fees, audio equipment, space rentals, etc.) and pay collaborators.

Patreon is a little different from other crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Instead of raising money in one campaign and paid out in one lump sum, Patreon allows fans to contribute either monthly or per episode. We are opting for a monthly campaign, so that over time, we will ideally be able to make monthly payments to collaborators.

Here’s how we plan on doing that:

We will clearly publish the hard costs required to run the podcast (see below). As you can see, our current annual hard costs for the podcast are $650.60 ($54.22 monthly).

All proceeds which exceed the monthly hard costs for the podcast will be paid out to collaborators based on their portion of total labors spent on the podcast.

Play x Play Annual Budget (Hard Costs, excludes collaborator compensation)

Podcast hosting $180.00
Space Rental* --
Music Rights $279.00
Audio Editing* --
Audio Equipment $95.60
Website hosting $96.00
Tax Cost* --
Patreon Fees (7.5%)* --
Total Cost $650.60
Total Cost per Episode $12.51
Average Patreon contribution $1.00
No. of Patreon patrons needed 12.51
Cost per month $54.22
Average patreon monthly gift $4.00
Patreon patrons needed 14

*These costs currently are zero due to in-kind donations or lack of revenue, but may increase over time as the project and revenues grow.

Allow me to explain: Let’s say that one month we feature a play requiring 5 actors (6 labor hours each), 1 director (6 labor hours), 1 audio editor (12 labor hours), and 1 playwright (to respect the labor of playwrights without which we would have no play to feature, playwrights are given a portion equal to the largest single portion. So in this example, it would be 12 labor hours).

Collaborator Work Hours Profit share 5 patrons 10 patrons 20 patrons 35 patrons 50 patrons 100 patrons 250 patrons 1000 patrons
Actor 1 6 10.00% -$3.42 -$1.42 $2.58 $8.58 $14.58 $34.58 $94.58 $394.58
Actor 2 6 10.00% -$3.42 -$1.42 $2.58 $8.58 $14.58 $34.58 $94.58 $394.58
Actor 3 6 10.00% -$3.42 -$1.42 $2.58 $8.58 $14.58 $34.58 $94.58 $394.58
Actor 4 6 10.00% -$3.42 -$1.42 $2.58 $8.58 $14.58 $34.58 $94.58 $394.58
Actor 5 6 10.00% -$3.42 -$1.42 $2.58 $8.58 $14.58 $34.58 $94.58 $394.58
Audio Editor 12 20.00% -$6.84 -$2.84 $5.16 $17.16 $29.16 $69.16 $189.16 $789.16
Director 6 10.00% -$3.42 -$1.42 $2.58 $8.58 $14.58 $34.58 $94.58 $394.58
Playwright 12 20.00% -$6.84 -$2.84 $5.16 $17.16 $29.16 $69.16 $189.16 $789.16
Total Work Hours/Payments 60 -$34.22 -$14.22 $25.78 $85.78 $145.78 $345.78 $945.78 $3,945.78
Hourly pay -$0.57 -$0.24 $0.43 $1.43 $2.43 $5.76 $15.76 $65.76
Monthly Barebones expense $54.22
Average patreon monthly gift 4

*NOTE: all negative pay in this table is indicative of the deficit experienced by the podcast per collaborator. Collaborators will never have to pay to collaborate on the podcast.

In order to be fair to collaborators who participate at the beginning of our pilot year, we plan on taking the revenue from the entire first year and averaging out revenue across all the months, and making payments at the end of year 1. After this first year, we’ll go on a monthly payment schedule.

Play Submissions

Interested in having your play featured on the podcast? We'd love to hear from you! Send a copy of your finished, full-length play to playxplaypod (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Playwright's Name
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I certify that the play I submit is my own work, and that I am the sole owner the copyright for the submitted work. *